A.F Abdl-Elmalek Company (farm service office) was founded from 1973 to 1976 by Dr. Kamal Ghobrial (Ph.D. in Artificial Insemination from Stockholm, Sweden). He started with a small company in Beni-Suef city, Egypt for curing animals, trading in the veterinarian drugs and customer service.

Then the company was broadened from 1976 to 1981 by trading in the animal feed to the direction of animal nutrition.

Since 1981 till now the company was broadened in the veterinary trading, animal feed additives, machines, vaccines with a team work all over Egypt.

In 1997 the company began founding Cyril Trade Company in Cairo, Egypt for import and export and as an agency for the forign trade with other countries in the veterinary, feel additives, premixes, vitamins and raw materials.

In 2002 the company continued to establish K.G. Group Factory in the new industrial zone, Beni-Suef city, Egypt for manufacturing animal feed, concentrates and producing the full fat soya with the latest equipment under the supervision of specialists in the animal nutrition, the presence of K.G. Lab for analysis and maintaining the quality factor for animal feed and the raw materials entering in the manufacturing process.

In 2010, further extension involved establishing Cyril Slaughterhouse and agriculture projects in the new industrial zone, byad elarab, Beni-Suef, Egypt for broiler chicken breeding then slaughtering the chicken once they reach a specific age.

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