Animal Feed Products

KG Group Factory has its own lab for feed meal analysis. Each ton of complete feed meal that goes out of the factory must be analyzed by the quality control department for Aflatoxins, Protein, Ash, Moisture, Fiber. That’s why we guarantee the best quality of feed meal to your livestock.

The Factory has a New production line for producing the Full Fat Soya with the latest techniques.

This production line aims to kill all the antinutritional factors (like Urease) in the raw soybeans and thus produces Full Fat Soya which is a valuable feed ingredient for Poultry and ruminants because of their energy, protein, linoleic acid, vitamin E and lecithin contents.

Group Feed Products:

For Broilers: starter – grower - finisher
For Turkeys
For Layers
For beef and dairy cattle, for young cattle
For growing rabbits – For lactating rabbits

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